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FYI. I thought that this workshop might be of interest to some of you. It
is being held in conjunction with the RDA meeting in Berlin.
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*Join us for **the IEEE Workshop on Big Data Governance and Metadata
Management (BDGMM), 19-20 March 2018 in Berlin, Germany.*

This workshop is co-located with the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Plenary
#11 meeting <http://emailaccount.cmail20.com/t/t-l-uyliiid-bultylruu-n/> to
be held 21-23 March 2018. All IEEE Workshop participants must be registered
via the RDA Plenary #11 main conference website and be present at the

*About the **IEEE BDGMM Hackathon and Workshop*

Monday, 19 March:

*Hackathon: 24 hours on Data Mashup (Varieties Problem) Big Data Analytics*

The hackathon session will explore interoperable data infrastructure for
Big Data Governance and Metadata Management that is scalable and can enable
the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability between
heterogeneous datasets from various domains without worrying about data
source and structure. *Learn more.

Tuesday, 20 March:

*Workshop: **Keynote and Invited Speakers with Paper Presentations*

Governance and metadata management pose unique challenges with regard to
the Big Data paradigm shift. The governance life-cycle requires
sustainability from creation, maintenance, depreciation, archiving, and
deletion due to volume, velocity, and the variety of big data changes, and
can be accumulated whether the data is at rest, in motion, or in
transaction. Furthermore, metadata management must also consider the issues
of security and privacy at the individual, organizational, and national

This workshop will explore how to address Big Data characteristic
challenges that could enable data integration/mashup among heterogeneous
datasets from diversified domain repositories and make data discoverable,
accessible, and re-usable through a machine readable and actionable
standard data infrastructure.

This workshop will only accept for review original papers that have not
been previously published. *Learn more.

*Important information, dates and deadlines:*

   - Workshop participants must register for the Research Data
   Alliance(RDA) #11 Plenary meeting
   - Deadline for paper submissions is 26 February 2018
   - Deadline for Hackathon sign-up is 12 March 2018

*Register for the RDA #11 Plenary meeting.

*Register for the IEEE *
<http://emailaccount.cmail20.com/t/t-l-uyliiid-bultylruu-c/>*Workshops on
Big Data Metadata and Management.*

This workshop is being organized by participants in the *IEEE Big Data
Governance and Metadata Management (BDGMM)
Connections Program. For additional information about this activity and how
to join, please contact *Wo Chang.
<wchang at nist.gov?subject=Inquiry%20-%20BDGMM%20Industry%20Connections%20Program>

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