[Moims-dai] Meeting with SM&C re: need for Long term data preservation as intrinsic Space Enterprise Success

Terry Longstreth terry.longstreth at comcast.net
Wed Apr 11 03:41:50 UTC 2018

I was invited to participate in one of the MOIMS-SM&C sessions at this 
week's CCSDS meetings in Gaithersburg, Maryland.   My role was to 
represent the DAI (Digital Archives - Ingest) in a discussion of long 
term preservation of data assets (including plans, products, and 
ancillary artifacts) anticipated for future planned missions, segments 
and systems.

Initially, My understanding of some of the issues being discussed had 
been informed by Mario Merri's presentation to the MOIMS plenary on 
Monday. Even with that, it was unclear what I was going to offer to the 
attendees, as I was unfamiliar with the SM&C terms of reference, 
workplans or meeting agenda.

The group was able to fairly quickly give me enough of an understanding 
of the issues they would like DAI to address for SM&C and MOIMS in 
general.   Specifically, they would like us to supply arguments 
supporting the need for (and value of) longterm preservation and 
concomitant longterm availability of data assets. Once established, such 
requirements could be used as leverage to support functions like data 
asset management to protect the viability of that data for use in an 
information and knowledge management function that could range beyond 
the purview of individual missions.

Some ideas (expressed or implied) from the session:

  * We (DAI) need to create a very high level view of the value and
    costs of long term preservation that can be used in Executive
    sessions.  Even though we're some ways from having a distributable
    draft of the IPELTU document, several important ideas should be
    expressible by themselves to help explain how much (or how little)
    preservation related information missions would need to collect and
    save to support transfer to a TDR.
    I hope to have some (no more than a handful of)  charts introducing
    appropriate IPELTU and OAIS concepts to send to Mario Merri within
    the next two weeks. I've sent a request to Mario Merri for a copy of
    his MOIMS Plenary charts  as a starting point for these.
  * DAI might find it advantageous to augment the IPELTU effort with a
    checklist that can be used in the early stages of a project to
    identify areas to be addressed by engineering studies in support of
    Long Term Preservation
  * To add to the arguments for at least executing engineering studies
    to size the effort to support long term digital repositories of
    space mission data, we should summarize known failures (and their
    consequences) to preserve data.
  * The distinction between long term (ie, preservation) archives and
    local (segment,system, or mission) archives should be analyzed to
    document the differences and equivalencies between them.  MOIMS
    hopes to be able to produce a White Paper within the next two months
    discussing needs for Mission Ops standards and this topic might be
    addressed in that paper.

That's all for now.  See you on Wednesday.


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