[Moims-dai] marked up OAIS draft coming out of CCSDS meeting

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias L. Hemmje Matthias.Hemmje at fernuni-hagen.de
Tue May 23 12:42:17 UTC 2017

Hi John,


thanks for the update


I have to apologize for today as I am traveling. 


However, I have updated during last week our draft for the Distributed
Archives Section together with Felix Engel in my team. It does now reflect
our discussions of last Wednesday.


It would be good if we could discuss this during next week’s meeting.


Best regards

Matthias Hemmje



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Hi all,


We used about half our CCSDS sessions addressing the Suggested Changes (see
http://review.oais.info to track SCs and their status) affecting OAIS.  


I’m attempting to keep a draft with comments showing where Suggested Changes
are located and showing the suggested updated text (if any).  Once the DAI
WG comes to a tentative agreement on updated text (or no change), I try to
note that also.  This is my best estimate of where we stand now, but I
welcome any corrections to my markups.


Note this version includes the change of “functional area” to “functional
entity” throughout the document (with appropriate capitalization) as
approved at the meeting, but which was left as an exercise for me to
complete offline.  Please let me know if I missed or incorrectly made any of
the updates.


This version includes the about 25 updates resolved (out of about 35 that
were discussed) at the CCSDS Spring meeting.


We will continue to work through the Suggested Changes in our weekly webex
meetings.  If you have opinions on any of the suggested changes, please add
your comments to the Suggested Changes on the website.


Once the DAI WG has resolved all the SCs, we will send around a final 


Please feel free to contact me with any concerns.


Peace and joy,

-JOhn Garrett

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