[Moims-dai] Some suggested IPELTU updates

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias L. Hemmje Matthias.Hemmje at fernuni-hagen.de
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Good morning,


I have just boarded my flight to Huston and will arrive in San Antonio


I will participate in the meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday.


As you are starting to discuss the current IPELTU version this afternoon,

I have read it now for the first time and would be interested to learn,

How it will support policies.


Reading the document, I could not find anything about policies although

their relevance and importance is currently widely discussed in the related

of all relevant communities.


There are at least two types of policies that have to be considered. 


The first type of policies, are the more high level formal, i.e., legal or

policies that all projects have to comply with when performing DMP as well

corresponding IPELTU activies. Typically they are only available in non

readable ways, i.e., as parts of funding/grant agreements, legal frameworks,


The second type of policies is more related to the actual execution of Data

Operations, and deals with securing redundancy, intregrity, authenticity as
well as

Security in general during collection management time. Some of them can
already be represented

In machine readable formats as rules or similar.


We have been doing some work in this area as related to Dynamic DMPs being

To comply with all sorts of such policies and could support this knowledge
domain also

in the IPELTU document, if this was deemed appropriate.


Maybe you can already address this already at the side this afternoon, so I
can get some feedback from ypu 

during tomorrow.


Best regards

Matthias Hemmje



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I’ve made another pass the IPELTU document.  We will discuss this document
again at CCSDS Meeting.  It is currently scheduled for discussion Monday PM.


Peace and joy,


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