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Yes, I agree with Bruce and I do think we have provided examples of how National Archives, Libraries, etc. can approach DC.  I suspect there is some bent from the author that is rejecting some of our examples so to promote other views.

We just need to correct the errors.  
Certainly people should be free to adopt other approaches if they want.  But it shouldn’t be because of incorrect interpretations of what we say.


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Anyone who has listened to me over the decades knows that I believe the DC concept can be applied to cultural heritage institutions.  In many cases it is as simple as rephrasing your current statements on who can or cannot use your repository.  The DC for the U.S. National Archives then would be anyone 16 years of age or older with valid identification and a research project that can benefit from its holdings.   Its Producers are federal agencies, the Executive Office of the President, and to a much lesser extent individual donors who have items that relate to the history of the federal government.  I know that is a very broad DC and that is the point - a DC can be as broad or as narrow as the Producers and the Archives say it is. 


I suspect this is an example of "talking past each other."  She heard a definition that did not fit her preconceptions.  Certainly when I taught the course I stressed the expandable and flexible nature of the DC concept.


Does anyone know if this journal accepts rebuttals or letters to the editor to correct her misconceptions?

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