[Moims-dai] CMC resolution

John Garrett garrett at his.com
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Hi Nestor,


We know the people we were interacting with ISO CASCO which was the
leadership there.  What we did was ask CCSDS to set up a formal Liaison
relationship with them and the secretariat was working on that.  We just
didn't know who ISO CASCO was appointing as the official representative for
the formal relationship.  I'm sure our informal contacts will continue also.
The formal relationship is useful to us because we get formal access to
their notifications and  automatically get copies of their draft standards.
Some of their standards underly our CCSDS DAI standards.


OK, we will handle our NISO contacts informally.  The last person there that
I've interacted with is Executive Director, Todd Carpenter.  I've also
informally talked with Sayeed Choudrey, a Director of NISO and Associate
Dean of Library at Johns Hopkins University where I got my  Masters degree.

We'll handle it as informal for now and renew it formally if needed.


Peace and joy,






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If you are not able to inform the CESG Chair with whom you are interfacing
in CASCO, it means that we have a totally different view of what a liaison

As already said, CEOS and NIST liaisons will be deleted. If NIST and CEOS
are interested, one of their higher authorities shall send a letter to CCSDS
justifying why they want an official liaison wrt an informal one,. 

Liaisons are at CCSDS level, but the CMC is interested in a few of them. The
remaining ones cqan be delat at the WG level. 


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