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As you may know, the OCLC Research Library Partnership Web Archiving
Metadata Working Group (WAM
<http://www.oclc.org/research/themes/research-collections/wam.html> ) has
been working for the past year to draft best practices for web archiving
metadata-and voila, here
<https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7XD89gl28x5aTF1a3pMSzZxbVk> 's our
draft report for your review.
Deadline for comments is this FRIDAY 9 June.

The audience for these best practices is everyone who creates metadata for
archived websites. As you know, websites are idiosyncratic in form,
structure, and presentation of metadata-worthy information, and the WAM will
help practitioners make consistent decisions and thus increase the
efficiency of their work.

The data dictionary is lean (14 elements) and can be used either on its own
or in concert with library and archival standards that are far more
granular. Data element names and definitions were adopted or adapted from
existing standards whenever feasible to enhance compatibility. Each element
includes a definition, usage guidelines and notes, brief crosswalks to
relevant standards, and examples taken directly from extant metadata

These were our specific objectives:

1.	Prepare standards-neutral and community-neutral best practices for
descriptive metadata for archived web content, taking into account the needs
of end users and metadata practitioners.
2.	Develop a lean set of defined data elements (i.e., a data
3.	Prepare usage notes to address the peculiarities and ambiguities of
websites that have limited the value of existing standards for descriptive
4.	Ensure that the data elements can be used in concert with other
standards that have far more granular data element sets.
5.	Ensure that the guidelines take into account both bibliographic and
archival approaches to description.
6.	Recommend a sustainable approach that does not mandate in-depth
description or extensive changes to records over time.

Again, the deadline for comments is Friday 9 June; send to dooleyj at oclc.org
<mailto:dooleyj at oclc.org> . Our publication target date is toward the end of

Please forward this message to anyone who may be interested. We're eager to
have it reviewed as widely as possible by members of the web archiving and
metadata communities to ensure that these best practices are as sound and
useful as possible.

Thanks for your help!

--Jackie & the rest of the Web Archiving Metadata Working Group


Jackie Dooley

Program Officer, OCLC Research

647 Camino de los Mares, Suite 108-240

San Clemente, CA 92673

office/home 949-492-5060
mobile 949-295-1529
dooleyj at oclc.org <mailto:dooleyj at oclc.org> 


OCLC.org <http://www.oclc.org/home.en.html?cmpid=emailsig_link> /research


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