[Moims-dai] Reminder of Webex today

David Giaretta david at giaretta.org
Tue Jul 18 11:49:16 UTC 2017

Meeting: 10:00 Tuesday (EST) (1500 UK time, 1600 European time) webex set up
by John 

Meeting number: 
957 698 012 
Meeting link: 
Audio connection: 
Via computer through your webex session or: 

*	1-855-299-5224 FREE FREE USA/Canada toll free 
*	0800-051-3810 FREE FREE Call-in toll-free number (UK) 
*	0800-9-19312 FREE FREE France 

Access code: 957 698 012




Notes from last Webex (20170711)


1.	RDA - MgtCouncil will meet and decide on our proposal. JGG will
start putting draft projects in CWE. [MK and probably BD will go to Montreal
meeting] to socialise and make RDA people aware of architecture plans. 

WAITING FOR FEEDBACK FROM RDA. MKL will put together presentation for RDA
Montreal in Sept

JGG has added docs to CWE

*	DG is chair of 2 groups: 
*	BD is chair of Data Repository group
*	Inform Mario we're talking to other preservation related groups
after the Mgt Council has responded to DAI architecture discussion

1.	JGG Minutes 

*	Positive responses from MK, RB, SH
*	JGG will email minutes to full list   DONE

2.	CESG minutes - ACTION: DG to respond saying that liaisons should NOT
be restricted to SPACE related organisations

*	Liaisons with NISO and CEOS are being dropped
DG to email to MOIMS-DAI

3.	Outreach - ask Secretariat to send email to Observer agencies e.g.
to take part in DAI
4.	DEDSL: MOIMS DAD made comments and asked questions - these have been
dealt with and now awaiting MOIMS AD/DAD final say.

*	Need to check Mario's last email  DG: EMAIL CLAIRE/DANIELE OTHERWISE
DG: CHECK THIS IS being processed

5.	OAIS Update (and ISO 16363 Update) (http://review.oais.info/) Work
on Suggested Changes - please review these before the Webex if possible.

*	92 - JGG will suggest text in specific context - 
*	162 (http://review.oais.info/show_bug.cgi?id=162)  - review Steve's
wording, Resolved
*	21, - MC pointed out that OAIS does not say that Packaging Info must
be preserved - needs further discussion.

*	DG/DS will propose some text for a variety of suggested changes.

*	103 - TL send email on 26th June and wants feedback and will propose
update in 2 weeks time      

*	Related to 50: need to check what PAIS covers.
*	TL will include consideration of this and other mentions of "Data
Model" (maybe this term should be replaced by something less technical like
"layout of the data" or "model of the data" or "relationships between data
elements" or "data item description"  or "template" - also may carry over
into ISO 16363)
*	ACTION ON ALL TO REVIEW BY 18th JULY - some preference expresses to
stress "logical contract" aspects

*	126 - resolved
*	125 - resolved
*	124 - revisit in 2 weeks - see agenda below
*	123- TL will review

Draft Agenda

1.	Update on DEDSL/XML Schema publication
2.	Update on IPELTU - see
https://www.dropbox.com/s/hjvhzinpv6zjsmp/CCSDS653.0W1.docx?dl=0 - some
last-minute corrections have been made.
3.	OAIS Update (and ISO 16363 Update) (http://review.oais.info/) Work
on Suggested Changes - please review these before the Webex if possible.

*	124 - ACTION: DG and/or JGG: propose wording for an example e.g.
"the extent to which information which is linked in the data is collected
depends on the agreement between the producer and the Archive"
*	71 - awaiting Mark's approval
*	177 - ACTION: read comment 1
*	112
*	111
*	107
*	106
*	105





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