[Moims-dai] Finalizing the OAIS translation

Caillet Claire Claire.Caillet at cnes.fr
Thu Jul 13 09:49:13 UTC 2017


We are now in the last days of work on the OAIS translation and we have some new points/confirmation to ask :

-          In section 6.1.3, the terms Local Consumer, Global Consumer and Common Catalog with upper case but these terms are not in the Terminology section. Should we add them into the new version of the OAIS document ?

-          Also in section 6.1.3, the sentence : "This OAIS name could be formatted according to a standard that gives the Customer or other Federation members the information needed", do you Consumer instead ?

-          Section 6.1.3, in the note "Extra access ports are added to the diagram to illustrate the potentially differing views of each consumer community." Referring to the diagram 6-3, do the extra access ports refer to "Acc" ports linked to the Local and Global Consumers ?

Thanks again for all your help in our translation.
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