[Moims-dai] Clarifications about Descriptive Information and Package Description

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I mostly agree with David's response, except I would say that Package
Descriptions are derived from, associated with and describe (rather than are
part of) AIPs.  So in general if you know what you are doing you should be
able to generate any particular Package Description from the AIP and
probably some additional location/storage info.


As David said Package Descriptions are a type of or component  of
Descriptive Information.  So they are very closely related.  The distinction
is just that Descriptive Information could have other information that is
not a Package Description.  Perhaps one thing that might be valuable to have
in Descriptive Information is a general description of how Package
Descriptions are generated from AIPs.


Peace and Joy,



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Hi Claire


Let me take a shot at this.


OAIS defines 

Descriptive Information: The set of information, consisting primarily of
Package Descriptions, which is provided to Data Management to support the
finding, ordering, and retrieving of OAIS information holdings by Consumers.


So the two are related. However the definitions allow Descriptive
Information to have more than just the Package Descriptions in order to
support for example the retrieving the information. But it is important that
the Descriptive Information is primarily Package Descriptions because the
Package Descriptions are part of the AIP and so, for example, if the AIPs
are transferred to another repository then the those Package Descriptions
can be collected together and provide most of the info needed to support
"finding, ordering, and retrieving". The retrieval part must rely on
information about, for example, which disk or tape the info is on, and that
would of course not be part of the AIP but the repository would certainly
know it.


Does that help? If it does then maybe we need something like this in the




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Package Description


Dear all,


I just had a discussion about the OAIS with a colleague who is preparing a
course for French students and we exchanged for a long time about the
difference between the Descriptive Information and the Package Description.
We came to the point that we don't see the difference anymore. In the figure
2-3 we talk about "Descriptive Information about the Package" but the Figure
4-13 we have the "Package Description" for things that seem to be the same. 

Can someone explain me the difference ? And do you think we should include
some clarifications in the OAIS (using the 5-years review) ?




Claire Caillet




Centre Spatial de Toulouse

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e-mail : claire.caillet at cnes.fr <mailto:claire.caillet at cnes.fr> 


18 Avenue Edouard Belin 

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