[Moims-dai] Discussion of Suggested Change 135

Mark Conrad mark.conrad at nara.gov
Tue Feb 14 16:46:50 UTC 2017

Here are my *rough* notes from today's discussions of Suggested Change 135.

OO-IO is adding complexity
Making an architectural rule for implementation
Current OAIS does not impede distributed implementations.

Increasing complexity
OAIS already deals with distribution
Mentioned at iPres  and other meetings as a need
This is a valid area of work but it may need more work before it could be
incorporated into the OAIS.
The OAIS does not specify a distribution architecture nor does it prohibit
Check all references to distributed in the current standard and make sure
they do not impede distributed services
Sections 6.11 through 6.14  Add another example/instance - Distributed OAIS
 functional entities are distributed but form one OAIS.
What Zierau, McGovern et al suggest is one special case of a Distributed

Important to address distribution in this edition of the OAIS.
Make some changes in the main text and include an informational annex.

May be related to 121
Need to think about implications for ISO 16363.

Would the identified speakers please add/delete/correct the text attributed
to them.

Thank you.


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