[Moims-dai] OAIS Update

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Sun Feb 5 05:49:50 UTC 2017



I'm attaching a working draft of the OAIS.  I think I've captured all the
agreed updates through the last DAI WG webex meeting. So the majority of
"Probably trivial to agree" Suggested Changes (SCs) have been agreed.  I did
take the liberty to also mark a number of follow-on updates from SC #93 and
SC #94 which suggested capitalizing "Finding Aid".  There were about a dozen
other places out of about 36 uses of "Finding Aid" where it was not
capitalized.  I took the liberty of capitalizing those uses and marking them
as SC#094 (follow-on).


Since I may not have connectivity for the upcoming webex for OAIS
discussions, I added a couple of comments to some the carried over SCs.  


Peace and joy,


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