[Moims-dai] Draft of ISO 16363 update

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Sun Dec 3 08:40:15 UTC 2017



At the recent DAI WG meeting at the CCSDS Fall meeting, we decided to
circulate a draft update for ISO 16363 (CCSDS 652.0-M-) Audit and
Certification of Trustworthy Digital Repositories.


Suggested Changes for ISO 16363 have been collected on the website at

This draft contains markup from all the Suggested Changes entered at that

Only about a dozen Suggested Changes were submitted.  Suggested Changes were
supposed to include the specific location for changes and actual additions,
deletions or changes of text.


Many of the current set of Suggested Changes were very general suggestions
lacking in specifics.  These were noted, but no actual changes could be
shown for them, since the desired exact changes were not submitted.


Please submit any comments for any of the Suggested Changes via the website
(or any additional specific Suggested Changes).  


The DAI WG is currently addressing the Suggested Changes for the OAIS
document and we expect to finish addressing them within 6 months.  Once the
OAIS Suggested Changes are substantially complete, the DAI WG Webex meetings
will begin to focus more regularly on the ISO 16363 Suggested Changes.


Please try to submit your initial response to this draft by the end of the
year.  This will keep the ISO 16363 5 year review project on schedule.


Peace and joy,

John Garrett

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