[Moims-dai] Questions about the OAIS

stephane.reecht at bnf.fr stephane.reecht at bnf.fr
Thu Apr 6 10:17:27 UTC 2017

Bonjour Claire,

As-tu eu une réponse à tes questions ci-dessous ? Il ne me semble pas 
avoir vu quelque chose passer.

À tout à l'heure,


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Dear all,
Sorry for my absence these last weeks, I have lot of running projects 
currently. About the CCSDS meeting in May, are there some of you planning 
to go ?
On another subject, I have news questions about the OAIS:
-          In section 4.3.4, we talk about functional area, is there a 
difference between function area and functional entity ?
-          In section 5, in the sentence “Even  more daunting, as 
operating systems evolve,  is  maintenance  of  operational  software  as 
a   part  of  the  Representation  Information,  which   means  that  it 
is  essential  for  the  preservation   of  Content  Information.” : 
Does the “it” refers to the Representation Information or the operational 
software ? What it is meant by “operational software as part of the 
Representation Information” ?
Thanks again for your help.
Claire Caillet
Centre Spatial de Toulouse
Tel.: +33 5 61 28 14 38
e-mail : claire.caillet at cnes.fr
18 Avenue Edouard Belin 
31 401 Toulouse Cedex 4
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