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I read an article on the (U.S.) National Public Radio website that I
believe illustrates many of the points we are trying to make about the
MOIMS System Architecture. The article is entitled, "Scientists To Bid A
Bittersweet Farewell To Rosetta, The Comet Chaser." You can find it here:

A couple highlights:

"Planning for the mission began in the 1980s, says Taylor."

"'You're looking at over 30 years to get you to a science target. It takes
time and effort,' he says. 'There are scientists and engineers who have
spent their lifetime working on this mission.'"

"Scientists will continue to analyze the data gathered by Rosetta for years
to come. "

My takeaways:

Missions last long enough that you must consider long term preservation of
some of the data from the beginning.

The most important product of the mission is the data. Thinking about how
to create, capture, and select data for long term preservation should be
central to all aspects of a mission.


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