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This is the email I have just sent to William Kilbride.




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Subject: RE: OAIS Review


Dear William


Thanks for the questions. We had approval from CCSDS to begin the collection of suggestions for OAIS, which allowed us to send around the email about the 5 year review. Now that the full activity has been approved within CCSDS we have put up the description of the whole process on the home page of http://review.oais.info/ which I believe provides the answers you need.


I have removed the items copied over from your wiki, as you requested. 


We hope you, and others, will make it clear that http://review.oais.info is the official OAIS review site and people should follow that carefully and place results of discussions there for inclusion in the detailed, careful and often very lengthy, CCSDS/ISO process. They can also join the CCSDS-DAI mailing list and take part in all the discussions, which may go on for the next couple of years.






Dr David Giaretta

Chair of CCSDS-DAI


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