[Moims-dai] IPELTU and Project Phases

Robert R. Downs rdowns at ciesin.columbia.edu
Mon Sep 5 22:50:23 UTC 2016

If it can be done simply, it might be worth also mapping to the DMBOK 
terminology in slide 2.



On 9/5/2016 6:14 PM, David Giaretta wrote:
> Hi Mike
> We certainly need the info in slide 2 in the Annex which maps the 
> IPELTU to NASA phases.
> One point is that PMBOK talks in terms of Process Groups – not Phases 
> – but I guess we can live with that.
> ..David
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> You may recall that we had discussions about mapping data preservation 
> functions to project phases.  I did one version of a mapping chart 
> which we didn’t use.  Since then the phase descriptions in the 
> document have changed considerably.
> Last week I was working on material for a class I was going to teach 
> next week (it’s been postponed), and I came up with Chart 1 in the 
> attached document.  It has been evolving for awhile.  Today I added 
> mapping to PMBOK and PMI phases.
> So then, I thought I would add a mapping to the phases currently in 
> our IPELTU document.  (“I pelt you?”)  The result is chart 2 in the 
> attached.  It’s not finished.  If this is useful, those blue 
> categories on the left-hand side should be updated.  Perhaps showing 
> OAIS under or in place of “Technical References”, and PAIS under or in 
> place of “Technical Implementations.” But before I put any further 
> effort into this, I wanted the discussion in DAI about whether it’s 
> useful or not.  Or you guys can freely modify and add your own spin.
> Notice the ©SIF on the first chart, because it came from our class 
> material.  With the revisions on Chart 2, there’s no problem with us 
> using it.
> The third chart is just some notes about various schemes of project 
> phases.
> So… is this Chart 2 useful in IPELTU, or not?
>    -=- Mike
> Mike Kearney
> Huntsville, Alabama, USA
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