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John Garrett garrett at his.com
Mon Nov 21 16:44:30 UTC 2016

Hi All,


We need to continue making progress on the Information Preservation Enabling
Long-Term Usage (IPELTU) standard.  We intended to have a fairly complete
draft by the end of the year and we have a fair amount of work to do yet.
Particularly we still need to create some text in regards to handling
concerns associated with DMBOK and PMBOK  topics.  At the CCSDS DAI WG
meeting we decided we did not think that we wanted to include areas from
DMBOK and PMBOK in the matrix.  Instead we identified long-term preservation
concerns that were associated with DMBOK and PMBOK areas and that we would
map those concerns to items already being discussed in the standard.  We
need to provide some text doing those mappings.


Much of the work on IPELTU at the DAI WG meeting was captured by an excerpt
of the IPELTU text that was incorporated in the minutes of the meeting.  
I've moved those updates back into the attached IPELTU document.  I think
this document is the current status of the draft.  Please review and provide
comments at tomorrow's DAI telecon.


Wishing you prosperity and peace,


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