[Moims-dai] Report of today's telecon

David Giaretta david at giaretta.org
Thu May 19 17:07:38 UTC 2016

I thought I had sent out a link to the updated document, but on the basis of
John's notes I guess it did not get through.


Therefore I took the opportunity to make some more updates - see


I hope it makes sense without the PMBOK in front of you.


The Annexes have not been edited - that can be done later if/when the rest
of the document is ready. 




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We held a short meeting today.  


John Garrett

Terry Longstreth

Don Sawyer


It seems as if the notices from webex (and perhaps other messages) have not
been making it through the mailing list. So there has been confusion about
when and how the PTAB and DAI meetings are being held.  John will send a
message to remind participants of the current plan for meetings.


We were awaiting an updated version of our current Info Curation for
Long-term preservation standard from David.  Action on David to send it and
action for all to review it once it has been distributed.


We also received a repost (on 5/11) of the Data Exchange Protocol for
Interchange and Preservation (DEPIP).  This is a Draft ISO Standard from ISO
TC46/SC 4 (Information and Documentation / Technical Interoperability) based
on a French standard (MEDONA) originated by BnF.  It also references our
OAIS, PAIMAS, PAIS Standards.  They have asked for our comments.  Note we
also have a liaison arrangement with this ISO WG.

Action for all to provide comments.


That was it for this week.


Wishing you prosperity and peace,


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