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I think it would be useful to have available.  I’m not sure how much we can get in, but it would be good to have as backup if nothing else.


Wishing you prosperity and peace,



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Hi all,

Would a slide of the influence of the OAIS-RM on PDS4 be useful?

Again sorry for the delay but I am just now catching up.




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Attendees: David Giaretta, Mike Kearny, John Garrett, Terry Longstreth, Bob Downs, Mark Conrad


The main topic of today's meeting was preparing for our meeting with Vint Cerf next Monday afternoon.


We came up with a list of topics we would like to discuss and ideas for slides to accompany some of those topics.


Genealogy of Digital Preservation Initiatives - Use Bruce Ambacher's Slide


Genealogy of CCSDS/ISO Standards Related to Digital Preservation - Need someone to make or locate a slide we can use for this.


Bob Downs' Presentation on Changes at SEDAC as a Result of the Test Audit


Migration v Emulation

NSF Brown Dog Project - Mark Conrad to develop a few slides

How to Combine Old Data with New when Using Emulation - David to develop some slides
Work with DFDL, EAST, DRB - David to develop some slides


Upcoming Revision to OAIS - no slides needed


Need to get the Auditing Infrastructure Set Up - no slides needed


Backup Materials:

Selected Slides from Module 3 - OAIS Concepts - Mark to select some slides

Background Slides on ISO 16363 - need someone to put together/select some slides


Actions (in addition to the slide assignments listed above):


David: Reset John's password  for slides.iso16363.org <http://slides.iso16363.org> 

All: Send slides for Monday's presentation to the group via email by COB Thursday.

All: Determine if we want to have a rehearsal on Friday at 1:30 EDT

John: Secure the CCSDS Webex account information and permission to use it if we decide to have a meeting on Friday.

All: Volunteer to prepare slides for those topics where no one has already volunteered.


Hope I have captured most of what we discussed. Please weigh in with corrections, additions, etc.






Mark Conrad
NARA Information Services

The National Archives and Records Administration
Erma Ora Byrd Conference and Learning Center
Building 494 Second Floor
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Rocket Center, WV  26726

Phone: 304-726-7820
Fax: 304-726-7802
Email: mark.conrad at nara.gov <mailto:mark.conrad at nara.gov>  

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