[Moims-dai] Draft MOIMS-DAI Agenda

John Garrett garrett at his.com
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I'm attaching an updated agenda for the US MOIMS-DAI WG meeting.  Changes
were necessary in order to have a meeting with Vint Cerf.  That portion of
the meeting will now be held at NASA/GSFC.  The remainder of the meeting
will be at US Archives II Building.


Sorry for the changes, but they were necessary due to Vint Cerf's schedule.


Wishing you prosperity and peace,




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Hello All,


Please review the attached draft agenda for our meeting being held April
4-5, 2016 in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC.


As you are probably aware, only our CNES colleague was funded and had a
schedule that allowed traveled to the regularly scheduled CCSDS meeting
based in Cleveland.  Rather than simply cancel the MOIMS-DAI WG meeting, we
took advantage of already scheduled meetings at or near NASA GSFC to also
gather several local or nearby participants.  Since our CNES colleague
graciously agreed to join us in the Washington, DC area, we were able to
schedule the meeting at NARA's Archives II Building.  Our sincere thanks to
them for providing the site.


Please respond with any updates needed for the agenda.


For planning purposes, I'd also appreciate hearing if you plan to attend
either in person or via telecon and also for which portions you plan to


Wishing you prosperity and peace,


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