[Moims-dai] Draft proposals: Future work and CMC pitch

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Mon Jul 11 15:54:14 UTC 2016

Hi Nestor,


Yes, we are working on that now.

Unfortunately we just discovered that DAI was not getting the planning
information.  I am no longer on CESG-ALL mailing list since I'm only acting
as Deputy and they had an old email address for David.  Hopefully that is
corrected now.


Wishing you prosperity and peace,



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Staff from ESRIN will probably participate in selected agenda items 

but I strongly recommend that the DAI WG launches a poll to see who is
going.to italy 

We are optimising the 5 days meetings with a maximum of 12 rooms 

DAI imeeting s planned for the whole week, and as CESG Chair I want to know
if the allocated room will be used or not 


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