[Moims-dai] Re: Comments of Rosenthal's "Case for a revision of OAIS"

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Yes, that could be.  Perhaps it was Rothenberg who was involved back then.

The participants lists for many of the early meetings were available.

Maybe I can go back and check.

But the participation may have just been from significant comments and not
from physical participation.


Thanks for the correction.


Wishing you prosperity and peace,



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Hi John

On 2/22/2016 12:52 AM, John Garrett wrote:

I  believe the author has been involved in some of the earlier OAIS meetings
and discussions.  As I recall, he was very oriented towards emulation as the
way to go for preservation and was unhappy with the migration vs. emulation
treatments in the current OAIS.

Aren't you thinking of Jeff Rothenberg, "Emulation as a Digital Preservation

Thanks, Mike

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