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David Giaretta david at giaretta.org
Tue Feb 16 10:48:44 UTC 2016

Don't forget the call today:

At the time of the call - 3pm UK time - please call


UK:        +44 (0) 330 606 0182

USA:      (641) 715-3810

France +33 (0) 7 55 50 04 14

Germany +49 (0) 221 98203420 


For other numbers see


Participant Access Code:        396476#


The notes were circulated a few days ago. No new version of the document yet
because several very good points were circulated that we should discuss.


I've submitted the comments on the e-Ark Package structure and received the
following reply from them:


Dear Dr Giaretta, 


We would like to thank you and your colleagues for providing your comments
on the E-ARK Common Specification. As we are only starting the analyses of
received feedback in March I'm not able to give you in-depth answers to your
valid comments yet. However, as a short remark I can state that until now
our work has focused on providing a practical Information Package structure
proposal to support discussions between digital preservation experts and
software providers. With these stakeholders in mind we have, for now,
assumed that OAIS is known to reviewers and there is no need to explicitly
discuss relations between our work and OAIS in the document. 


Saying that we are also aware that the final version of the Common
Specification (due in January 2017) will need to be much more detailed in
regard to OAIS and as such it is our intention to add relevant sections
after we have finished the current feedback phase. If you or your colleagues
are interested in monitoring the process please let us know and we would be
more than happy to provide you with next versions of the document already
before 2017. 


Best regards, 

Kuldar Aas


Technical Co-ordinator

E-ARK Project




It looks as if they realise that they still have a lot of work to do. My
concern is that they really do not realise the range of digitally encoded
information out there.





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