[Moims-dai] Notes on meeting with Vint Cerf

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I assumed that

·         preservation-observers record (n-valued logic – to guard against logic bombs)

·         preservation-observers may not always be able to immediately make decisions regarding existence

·         as information navigates the continuum of time, irrelevant snapshots decrease. (i.e. controlling mind hypothesis)

·         historians also make existence decisions

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Personally I try to be agnostic about what should be preserved. This is an important topic but I cannot see how anything useful can be said in general terms (except the objects must exist at the point of being preserved).

What do others think?


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May I ask a question?  (I don’t have David Giaretta’s book.)

What are David’s thoughts regarding the entities to be preserved, the channels and the preservation-observers ?
Has he placed any requirements on the entities themselves? (e.g. existence, observability, persistence, …)

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David -

My only suggestion would be to revise the first item to read more like the following: "He described the value of having read, so far, the first 300 pages of David Giaretta’s book, Advanced Digital Preservation ...".



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On 4/20/2016 2:34 PM, David Giaretta wrote:
Any objections/updates/additions/corrections?




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