[Moims-dai] Today's Meeting

Mark Conrad mark.conrad at nara.gov
Tue Apr 19 15:26:06 UTC 2016

Attendees: David Giaretta, Mike Kearney, Claire Caillet, Bob Downs, Terry
Longstreth, John Garrett, Mark Conrad

1. Notes to send to CCSDS about our discussions with Vint Cerf

We will send Mark's notes to CCSDS.

Mike: PAIS looks like interoperability protocol.

John: Interface between Producer and Archive. Could also be used for
Archive to Archive. Doesn't include designated times for

2. Mike's report from the International Internet Preservation Consortium
(IIPC) in Iceland
Preservation Working Group met on Tuesday

Interested in participating in OAIS review

Concern about the narrow focus of the CCSDS vs the needs of the broader
archives/library communities.

Web Archiving Conference

Vint Cerf spoke for 10 minutes - emphasized interoperability

Many had heard of OAIS - no one had heard of PAIS. Need to publicize it

Bob Down's SciData Con 2016 paper has been accepted. Will talk about the
audit of SEDAC, another panelist will talk about RDA WDS.

CCSDS date for October meeting in Rome has changed.


Action: All Read current version of the document
provide comments. Hopefully, we will do two more iterations of the document
and declare victory!

Action: Claire Send the document and the link for the latest version of the
LTDP Workflow to the group.

Action: David and/or John will check to see if the report to CCSDS about
our discussions with Vint Cerf needs to be in a particular format before we
send it.

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