[Moims-dai] Weekly DAI Telecon

John Garrett garrett at his.com
Tue Apr 12 15:04:49 UTC 2016

Hi All,


We had a small meeting today with a just a couple of us.


We need to continue the work on the Long-term Usage Book.

At last week's meeting, we spent a short amount of time on the book. We
didn't spend as much time as originally scheduled since we spent quite a bit
of extra time on preparing for and debriefing our meeting with Vint Cerf.
However at the meeting,

*        We reaffirmed that we were still onboard with the new Title
"Information Preparation to Enable Long-term Usage"

*        We reaffirmed acceptance of the current Purpose and Scope

*        We reaffirmed acceptance of the current Context. 

After that we were not sure all the remaining pieces fit.  It was suggested,
(we think by Mark Conrad) that we re-examine the Table of Contents to
determine what still fits with the Purpose and Scope. So let's do that
before the meeting next week. Section 1 is mostly boilerplate required by
CCSDS/ISO.  So that won't change much.  Section 2 should be an Overview
section (but internal pieces of it can change).  Remainder of document
should be what fits with Purpose and Scope. 

Once we have a ToC that fits, we should be able to fill in the content
quickly, some from current material and we can add new material if needed.


Action: for All -  Send your ideas for new Table of Contents to WG prior to
next week's telecon.


At next week's telecon, hopefully the ToC can be finalized and a plan to
complete the document can be made.


Next week, we can use the regular telecon number or I can set up a WebEx if
everyone can use it.  With WebEx we could share screens while working on the



We had requests to know what happened in our meeting with Vint, so we should
create a summary of our meeting with him.  We have a few items on the list
already that can feed into it.


Action: for all in Vint Cerf meeting meeting - Send your items for inclusion
in summary to WG.

Action: next week's telecon: complete summary of meeting and generate Thank
You letter to Vint.


Wishing you prosperity and peace,






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