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I was told that the document was not rendering very well in Open Office, so I'm distributing a PDF version now.

Live, Laugh, Love, and Work for Peace,

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I've attached an updated version of the ILF document that just added the new topics table (10 topics - 9 from OAIS Info Model + Other) as discussed at the last telecon.  I think that was what my action item from the last meeting intended.
Note, it does not include any new material from Mike other than capturing some of his Content Information discussion for inclusion in the Content Data.  Some still needs to be moved to RepInfo.  My topic writeup did not fit into the new main topic hierarchy and I will need to add that content later.  

Also content from Mike's new ILF paper is not included.  It includes the possible new Workflow.  We can discuss at next telecon or CCSDS meeting which workflow we will use.

I'm at the hotel for PV2015.  Hopefully, I'll be able to call into the telecon.
By the way, the 2 High-Level training courses for Archive Auditing held the last 2 weeks went very well and were very well received.

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Subject: Lifecycle draft

Hi everyone

As I mentioned at the last telecon my funding is being terminated at the end of December.  I am required to submit a document representing my work over the last year on the information lifecycle framework.  Since I am not sure where the group is going with the new "Lifecycle Framework and Long Term Usage" document, I am writing my own ILF "paper" based on the last version of the document that John sent out.  I have included a discussion of information objects roughly along the lines John proposed in his latest email but organized into four sections instead of 10 separate sections.

I haven't had time to make sure that every item in our topic spreadsheet or David's list has been addressed, but plan to next month.  I also intend to include sections talking about the other participants (standards organizations, interest groups, publishers).

I think the most important thing this document can do is reinforce the importance of a close early relationship between the archive and the project, and bring the sponsor into the loop so that they too feel a responsibility for seeing their projects get archived properly.

You are free to use this as you wish.

Thanks, Mike
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