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Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Thu May 21 10:54:26 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Please find enclosed the updated version of the slides with your comments:
1.the current standards appear only on slide 2
EAST, at least on CNES side, EAST is a base of the BEST framework that is used in many missions. I don't know about the error in associated pages and can ask.
2.ILF: items 1 and 3 have been grouped. I don't think there is conflict, but kind of overlap. 
3. 'call for topics' has been kept
Mario suggests to ask for other topics of interest and I agree we should ask the question in order to take into account the needs on ESA side (it's not necessarily for short term). Concerning Peter's request, we let the door open as our answer concerns the short term. Note that this request appears slide 3.
4.Planning slide 4 deleted, to avoid confusion.
Mike, you're right when saying that the associated ILF standards won't start mid 2015, the idea was rather to show that the other topics will appear before the end of the ILF.



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Hi John

> Also on slide 1, I continue to be concerned that EAST is either 
> dormant or dead.  I am not sure our group wants to feature it as 
> though it is a viable option.
> 	JGG: I disagree.  At the London meeting we identified 10 active CNES 
> projects using EAST.  And also ESA's SAFE.  Also don't know what else 
> would really replace this.  We're trying to drum up support for our 
> standards.  We certainly shouldn't be ignoring existing standards that 
> fill needs that may exist.

If SAFE had adopted EAST as it's DDL then I would go along with you. 
The fact that they didn't says something.  I don't mind keeping it on the books but I don't like promoting it.  I don't think it is an asset to DAI.  I can't even find the software pages for it now and last time I looked at them they were broken.

> On Slide 3 I'm not sure there is a "Call for other topics of common 
> interest."
> 	JGG: I thought that one of the purposes of Mario's talk was to 
> identify topics of common interest and hopefully identify topics where 
> ESA would be willing to invest funding.  I think we should be working 
> with all the agencies, including NASA, to determine what topics are of 
> interest.  The agencies that are willing to provide funding for topics 
> they are interested in should drive the direction of the group.

Is it realistic to ask people to suggest new activities when we are just barely scraping by now?  Daniele just turned down Peter Shames' request for support on registries.

Thanks, Mike
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