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Hi all,

Please find below the minutes for the today meeting. Please correct if I have forgotten important points, particularly on the SEA part.

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1.      joint meeting SEA/DAI on DEDSL/XML implementation.

J. Garrett, D. Boucon, SANA team, Nestor Peccia, Peter Shame and the other members of SEA group.
Telecon : Beatrice Larzul (CNES)

NP explains that the discussion must concern the comments on XML, rather than the use of this standard that is a different question out of the scope of this meeting.

XML style: use of Upper case instead of Camel Case: it is important to keep the compatibility with the existing implementations (PVL, DTD), and have an XML updated version.

But it is asked:

1.to add also an other implantation taking into account the proposed future CCSDS rules (camel case style, versioning, namespace), for example in an annex.

2.To add sections on "SANA considerations", "Security", "document patents" in the document,

3.to register the XML schema, as well as the existing DTD to SANA (see other discussion below).

Discussion on terminology: the process to update the terminology should be discussed next Monday during the CESG meeting.

The following comment has been made: check the existing definitions in the CCSDS glossary when using new terms, and avoid too long definitions (such as it is the case for "Data Entity Dictionary".

2.      Meeting with SANA
Marc Blanchet SANA
Audric Schiltknecht SANA

      Add a "SANA consideration" section in the DEDSL document containing the requests-> see examples on the SANA website.

      =>Action DAI: send an email to SANA requesting registration of DTD in the DAI registry, with the following: short description, DTD file, group "DEDSL", reference to the standard

      =>Action DAI: send an email to SANA requesting registration of XML schema in the DAI registry, with the following: short description, schema file, group "DEDSL", reference of the standard 647.4

=>Action SANA: send DAI the guidelines for SANA

1.      Namespace: write in "SANA consideration" section, a sentence requesting a namespace, and to register any DTD and schema.

DAI open action (CIO registry)
We have an old action concerning the registry of data formats associated with DAI standards :
2014-03-31      AI#24   DAI     Work with MB of SANA as required to ensure CCSD ADIDs in PAIS (and other DAI standards) are registered. JGG     As needed       Open    20140605 - Registry has not yet been setup in SANA.  DB will contact SANA regarding its status.

=>Action JG: regenerate the list of CCSDS ADIDs, and send it to SANA for creation of the CCSDS ADID registry.

PAIS BB glossary

=>Action DB: send to SANA the spreadsheet of the terms and abbreviations included in the PAIS BB (the new ones appearing in italics for inclusion, the terms already defined in the glossary for reference to the PAIS BB).

MOIMS plenary report
_____________________________ END OF THE MEETING ________________________________________

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