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Perhaps you could send out an email when the ICP/ILF discussion starts. I think you are 7 hours behind UK time.


From: Boucon Daniele [mailto:Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr]
Sent: 25 March 2015 14:44
To: D or C Sawyer; Giaretta, David (STFC,RAL,RALSP)
Cc: Conway, Esther (STFC,RAL,RALSP); John Garrett; MOIMS DAI List; Mike Martin; Robert Downs; stephane.reecht at bnf.fr
Subject: Telecon this morning and ICP/ILF

Hi all,

David, we have planned before a point on certification this morning, opening of the day via webconf at 8h45 local time.

The webconf works well here using (IE or Mozilla Firefox) https://webconference.cnes.fr/ccsds_caltech_25march/

First of all, thank you all for your investment, and for all the very interesting information and exchanges on the ICP/ILF.

As a small synthesis, we previously agreed that this standard:

·        Should be developped within 2 years (now end of 2016), also for budget and resources reasons,

·        Is supposed to be quite short,

·        Takes as input the LTDP preservation process, with the constraints:

o   Being more generic (this was the intent to take 2 very different use cases -library and EO space mission)

o   Be included in a global information lifecycle

·        It is not the intent to draw a new lifecycle (hundreds of models exist), but to identify high level and concrete stages that work in all cases and be understood by all domain communities,

·        It was decided to identify the main preservation activities attached to this lifecycle, in order that these activities be taken into account at the best time.

·        The idea of the "framework" was to write quite rapidly some pages explaining the content of the standard, in order that other organizations be interested and collaborate. Thanks again Esther for this.

·        It's important to identify and take care of the different community needs, but first of all,

I propose to concentrate on and through the spreadsheet sent by John (we have worked on it last Monday afternoon):

1.      The objective of each stage,

2.      The main activities covered.

3.      Then the inputs and outputs will arrive.

4.      Keep link with the LTDP.

At this occasion we'll discuss the proposals sent by Esther and others.

Talk to you this morning,

Best regards,


PS: by the way, please tell me if there is still trouble in the mailing list, as it was supposed to be solved after John's and Brian's actions.

De : Don Sawyer [mailto:topcottageguys at gmail.com] De la part de D or C Sawyer
Envoyé : mercredi 25 mars 2015 14:50
À : (SSTD) Giaretta David (STFC RAL)
Cc : esther.conway at stfc.ac.uk<mailto:esther.conway at stfc.ac.uk>; John Garrett; MOIMS DAI List; Boucon Daniele; Mike Martin; Robert Downs
Objet : Re: some useful definitions

Hi David,

Yes, there is a telecon today.  I won't be attending today, but I'll forward the material that Daniele sent out March 11th.  Apparently not everyone got it.


Dear all,

Please find enclosed the agenda, and the information to attend the meeting via telecons:

Monday 23rd March : https://webconference.cnes.fr/ccsds_caltech_23march/
Tuesday 24th March :            https://webconference.cnes.fr/ccsds_caltech_24march/

Wednesday 25th March :https://webconference.cnes.fr/ccsds_caltech_25march/

Thursday 26th March : https://webconference.cnes.fr/ccsds_caltech_26march/

Friday 27th March: https://webconference.cnes.fr/ccsds_caltech_27march/

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