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HI Mike,

I managed to Alex Ball (author of the first paper) at the RDA about the work we are doing CCSDS and he seemed quite interested.  He is DCC staff based at the University of Bath , so a colleague of Joy Davidson and Sarah Jones who are based at the University of Glasgow.  Alex gave a talk about DCC standards work in particular realtion to this http://www.dcc.ac.uk/resources/metadata-standards .  We had quite a good chat about merging and integrating standards.  Might be worth reaching out to him in broader CCSDS capacity 

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Hi everyone

Here are some figures I like.

1.  MODELS-Review of Data Mgt Lifecycle Models.jpg is from a paper by
that name by Alex Ball,

I don't like the organization of the figure but it is a nice
comprehensive look at the lifecycle.  Most of these boxes need to be
incorportated in our document somewhere.

2.  RDAlifecycleoverview.jpg.  This is from an RDA paper from the Data
Foundation and terminology WG maybe by Reagan Moore?  I think the policy
driven architecture as featured in iRODS is the way to go.

3.  hmastandards.jpg  This is from a Heterogenous Mission Accessiblity
document.  It shows which standards are related to different parts of
the HMA architecture.  I like the way it identifies the sources of the
standards with color coding.  I would like to see a standards view like
this for the entire information life cycle.

4.  DataScienceCurriculum.jpg.
(http://nirvacana.com/thoughts/becoming-a-data-scientist/)   It would be
nice if we could present all the topics of the information life cycle in
a concise diagram like this.  By the way, I probably would have called
myself a data scientist before I saw this diagram.  Now I see I have
years of study ahead.

Thanks, Mike

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