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Fri Jul 31 16:54:10 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Please find below the minutes of today PAIS telecon. Feel free to correct or comment.

Next telecons:

1. Thursday 13th August (15h EU time, 9h US time-Washington): dedicated to PAIS
To share screen:

 2. Thursday 6th August  (15h EU time, 9h US time-Washington): dedicated to ILF

If available, proposal to use Dave's number for the sound:
Dave Williams
Telecon information
+1-844-467-6272      USA Toll Free
+1-720-259-6462      Others
Passcode:    841727

Best regards,

31th July meeting minutes

DB: Daniele Boucon
DG: David Giaretta
DS: Don Sawyer
EC: Esther Conway
JG: John Garrett
MA : Mirko Albani
MM: Mike Martin
RD: Robert Downs
SH : Steve Hughes
SM: Stephane Mbaye
SR: Stephane Reecht
BC: Bertrand Caron
PT: Jean-Philippe Tramoni
WG: all

D=Decision, A=action (other = discussion)

Participants: DB, DS, JG

2.      Core PAIS GB

1.NamePreservationRule and associated elements (review and discussion from DS material)
Ok with the updates, with the following:

=> A=>(DS): clarify the "source name", and add something like "But also how the name should be preserved on the archive side" after "within the Transfer Objects derived from a given Transfer Object Descriptor".

2.SIP section (review and discussion from JG material)

Use of MIME type: possibly defined in the TO Descriptor. Could also be included in the XFDU in a separate way. Explanation should be given to avoid conflict.

=> A=>(DS): review JG's material

=> A=>(JG): add examples section, add a paragraph on SIP extension, MIME type ...


*Annex in document structure, ok to add: "Annexes B to E contain the descriptors, SIP constraints and extract of a SIP manifest from the 4 practical use cases NASA ISEE, ESA SAFE, CNES COROT, BnF METS."

WG ok to suppress the inclusion of PAIS descriptors in the GB (annex A).

Figure 7-9: seems interesting as an overall MOT/SIP constraints figure. Perhaps better in section 3?

=> A=>(DB): propose a new section 3.2.3 at the end of section 3 as a summary of section 3 (MOT and SIP constraints). Check the different figures that are not align with 7-9 (3-4 ...).

4.Format (review and discussion from DB material)

Discussion on the case where the Data Object is made up multiple files: different options to be expanded (same format, if not, use companion TO: see DS' today email).

DB-> paragraph updated and sent to the group after the telecon.

5.Other PAIS points
*TOPIC section 4.7.3:  replace by "each project should adopt a common policy for restricting the ID values, e.g. min one char, printable characters, pattern."

6.Still to be done (apart from the previous actions)


=> A=>(DS): add an example of Associated Descriptor Data ID, plus annex A.

*section 7 ->JG
*some remaining comments (not a lot) -> TO BE REVIEWED
*at the end: figure numbering (particularly section 4), and ref to figure, tables and annexes in the whole document -> DB

3.      Other topics:
1.MACAO, SANA and other books to be reviewed (from Peter Shame's material): not enough time to discuss this point (next telecon)

2.List of DAI documents (from Mario Merri email)-> DB ok, to be checked again by DS and JG, particularly for old documents

=> A=>(JG, DS): check the list of DAI documents, particularly for old documents.

3.DAI standards review: documents to be reconfirmed:
1.      XFDU BB 5 year review is due since Sept 2013
2.      EAST BB 5 year review is due in June 2015
3.      PAIMS MB 5 year review due in June 2015
=> A=>(DB): ask for reconfirmation

4.Discussion with C. Arviset from ESAC this morning (responsible for ESA Space Data Archive)
Could be interested in DAI WG standards.
At a first step, will follow the discussion through the mailing list.

Actions review
Please send to JG updates in actions.
Updated actions will be sent separately by JG.

End of 31th July meeting minutes

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