[Moims-dai] Agenda for tomorrow telecon

Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Thu Jan 29 14:52:48 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Please find below a detailed agenda for tomorrow telecon (15h EU time, 9h US time-Washington).

1st part (1 hour):

* Corot test case (see email 01/16 from Daniele, 01/27 from John and 01/28 from Don: 1. Review of the document (validation according to John and Don's emails yesterday), 2. Action from Stephane: expanded view of steps for SIP ingestion?
Expected: final version to be sent to Corot project for validation (reminder: to be ended by end of February)

* Core GB: updated version with planning and remaining work to be done from Stephane?

* METS test case:  Action from all: send comments on the proposed implementation, and other material sent by BnF, particularly the 1st draft document for METS test case sent by Stephane Reecht the 01/09 (resent by Daniele)
Expected: comments to BnF on textual and technical parts.

2nd part (1 hour):
* ICP (see email from Daniele 01/28, and comments from Mike and John yesterday): 1. Drawing a first framework document, 2. Links LTDP<-> OAIS terminology, 3. Information from CCSDS to LTDP, slides to be prepared by Daniele (next LTDP meeting is 4-5th February).
Expected: agreement on contents.

If available, proposal to use Dave's new number for the sound:
Dave Williams
Telecon information
+1-844-467-6272      USA Toll Free
+1-720-259-6462      Others
Passcode:    841727

To view screen and documents, please connect to the following :

Best regards,


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