[Moims-dai] CCSDS DEDSL XML standard

Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Thu Jan 8 22:25:15 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Following the exchanges with Nestor concerning the CCSDS DEDSL standard, I've worked with our DEDSL expert at CNES, and updated the planning for this project in the CWE framework (image of the planning also attached in this email). As presented during the last London meeting, we have a budget allocated in 2015 for this action.

Could you please validate or update this draft planning, and also confirm the resources of other agencies, in order to complete the framework and answer the following Nestor's requirements?
*       DAI WG Chair to update Project resources (they are currently "tbd"  in the CWE),. CNES has currently a " contribution role"
=>      CNES is ok to write the standard (book editor), and develop the 1st prototype.
*       DAI WG to update Project schedule in the CWE. Project was approved in 2008. Current estimated date of BB publication is June 2016 (i.e. a dream).
=>      Look at the updated draft planning

      Following caveat was included in the remarks field: " Work will start following completion of resource usage on PAIS, CADS"
=>      This is not the same resource used at CNES, on our side the work can begin in parallel

*       MOIMS Area Director to evaluate if Project has to be approved asap by the CMC. It depends on the Project estimated start Date.
*       if start date is during 2015 or 2016, MOIMS AD to issue a resolution asking for the CMC polling for Project approval
*       If start date is later than 2016. STOP and WAIT

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