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Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
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Hi all,

Please find below a first proposal for the < Implement stage >.

Looking at the different proposals for stage that are already very interesting, it appears a need to homogenize our first drafts (terms, actors, documents), and find a "pattern" to describe the stages.
A mapping with the LTDP document is also to be done now.

We have worked with John on a spreadsheet to give visibility to all proposals and be able to better compare the content. John will send this document to the group.

Best regards,

_____________________ Implement Stage ____________________________________
Objective: Specify and Develop the Systems and Tools needed to generate and/or consolidate and manage and initially use the data and metadata

Actors: Projects, Archive

Inputs: Data Management Plans, Archive support plan, Implementation Plan, Preliminary Submission Agreement
TBD: the content of a Data Management Plan

Key activities: This stage consists in preparing the production of data usable on the Long Term along with associated information. The various activities of this stage are integrated into the phases of the projects producing the data. : preparation of the production, preparation of the preservation

Detailed activities:
*Preparation of the production
It is about all the preliminary activities in the elaboration and in the data collection, as well as of all the information necessary for their use (definition of the sizes(formats) and the structures of the data and their content, the associated technologies, the rules(rulers) of identification, algorithms of processing(treatment); definition of the common(current) archive and the system of access, development of the software and the associated systems).
*Preparation of the preservation
It is about all the activities prior to the use of the data on the long term, which consist of the specification (consolidation of the data to be preserved and designated communities, definition of the objective of the preservation in term of need, preservation duration, rules of identification and access, formalization of the activities of transfer, validation of the data, the organization of the data within the long term archive, the identification of the archiving and access systems, the financial and human resources).
The preliminary phase for  long term preservation can start at any time of the data life cycle, however it should be introduced as soon as possible, from the first phases of the projects.

Associated standards: PAIMAS, PAIS, OAIS

Outputs: Systems and software,  Submission Agreement, Preservation Plan

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