[Moims-dai] Corot test case: for Stephane and all

Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Thu Feb 5 10:03:41 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Following our last telecon, please find enclosed an updated version of the Corot test case, and a synthesis of the remaining actions at the end of this email (previous revision marks accepted, and new comments).

For Stephane: could you please send us an updated version according to your actions by end of February, and push it in the Gael website?

According to action 2015-01-30/1:
*the agreed comments in the attached document have been treated.
*the remaining TOPICS have been analyzed: I've suppressed some of them, as I think there is no need for more explanation. For the remaining ones, my feeling is that we don't need much more text, just highlight points that may be unclear. Particularly in the SIP ingestion algorithm, it is still not clear to me where to put more details using Corot test case, as this algorithm is general and is applied for all the other cases (except METS). I let Stephane propose something.

My feeling is that this test case is nearly to end. Please keep in mind that a version will be sent to the Corot project before end of February.

Reminder for XML files location:
*       Descriptors: http://repository.gael.fr/shared/P289-CCSDS-PAIS/test-cases/tc6-corot/releases/tc6-corot-20150109.zip
*       SIPs: http://repository.gael.fr/shared/P289-CCSDS-PAIS/test-results/tc6-corot-test-results-20150109.zip



2014-11-10      5       DAI     Update CoRoT test case with expanded view of steps for SIP ingestion    SM              Open    20150109 - Still not addressed

2014-12-04      6       DAI     Comment the Corot practical example.    ALL WG          Open

2015-01-30      1       DAI     Update the Corot test case with the agreed comments, ask SM for an explanation for the 4th "benefits" bullet, initiate to give more detail section (SIP steps). DB      2015-02-13      Open

2015-01-30      2       DAI     Expand the "TOPIC" in the Corot test case when necessary, and say if the ANNEX conforms to the last Corot descriptors or not    SM      2015-02-13      Open


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