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Today's meeting was held via Skype - both audio and chat. Here is the
edited text of the chat from the meeting:

Most of the conversation was about how the document had come to be in its
present form. David and John provided some background and context.

David Giaretta: Suggested Change - Figure 5-1 below describes the set of
topics and sub-topics at each of the lifecycle stages and suggests the
likely status of information capture for each of these.

David Giaretta: Action: Make sure the name of the document is consistent
with "framework"

David Giaretta: Action: clarify why we need another lifecycle

David Giaretta: "The purpose of this recommendation is to provide a
standard method structured as a complete process to formally define the
steps and associated activities required to preserve digital information
objects. The process thus defined along with the activities, is linked with
the data lifecycle. This activity will work to standardize materials fed
into the process by the EU Project - Long Term Digital Preservation (for
Earth Science Data). It is likely that participants in EU Project will also
participate in the CCSDS efforts on behalf of their Agencies."

Terry Longstreth: http://www.incose.org/ProductsPublications/sehandbook

Terry Longstreth: Perhaps show how Data or info lifecycle management
intersects with Systems Engineering lifecycle

David Giaretta: We may want to consider other free or low cost conferencing
software (e.g., freeconferencecall.com uberconference).

David Giaretta: Action: Mark/Terry/Don - suggestions particularly for
Purpose and Rationale

David Giaretta: Next meeting on 5th Jan

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