[Moims-dai] Time slot for regular DAI telecon

david.giaretta at stfc.ac.uk david.giaretta at stfc.ac.uk
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Dear all

Looking at the Doodle poll and the separate emails that I received it appears that the days/times with the none of people saying "impossible" are (all are UK time)
Tuesday   15:00 (5 definite yes)
                  17:00 (3 definite yes)
Thursday 16:00 (4 definite yes)
Friday       17:00 (2 definite yes)

I note that Daniele cannot do Wednesday and Rosemarie prefers Monday or Friday.

I suggest 15:00 on Tuesday, because it had the greatest number of definite yeses and I image that most Europeans would prefer not to have the telecom start at 6pm (17:00 UK time).
@Daniele, Rosemarie - is this OK with you?

If it is OK we can call tomorrow to get the ball rolling before Christmas - Skype can handle the numbers as long as they are not too large. Alternatively, DAI had been using a NASA dial in number - is that still available?



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Dear all

Please fill in the Doodle poll at http://doodle.com/poll/ai47ag7gra9pwzam before next Tuesday.

We will use this to schedule a regular - weekly or bi-weekly - DAI telecon.

Remember there will not necessarily be a call next week. The aim is to choose a timeslot which is convenient for the largest number of people. I am sure that no-one will be able to make every call but we can try to select something that will often work for most people.


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