[Moims-dai] Minutes of 21st August PAIS telecon

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Fri Aug 21 15:01:18 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Please find below the minutes of today PAIS telecon. Feel free to correct or comment.

Next telecons:

1. Friday 4th September (15h EU time, 9h US time-Washington): dedicated to PAIS
To share screen:

 2. Thursday 3rd  September  (15h EU time, 9h US time-Washington): dedicated to ILF

If available, proposal to use Dave's number for the sound:
Dave Williams
Telecon information
+1-844-467-6272      USA Toll Free
+1-720-259-6462      Others
Passcode:    841727

Best regards,

21st August meeting minutes

DB: Daniele Boucon
DG: David Giaretta
DS: Don Sawyer
EC: Esther Conway
JG: John Garrett
MA : Mirko Albani
MM: Mike Martin
RD: Robert Downs
SH : Steve Hughes
SM: Stephane Mbaye
SR: Stephane Reecht
BC: Bertrand Caron
PT: Jean-Philippe Tramoni
WG: all

D=Decision, A=action (other = discussion)

Participants: DB, DS, JG, RD

2.      Core PAIS GB
Document control only one line in the table with the current version: validated.

Section 1.3 Conventions (DB): one sentence for the style + text on UML conventions from OAIS: validated.

Section 3.2.3 (DB): figure section 3.2.3 updated.
Validation by the WG
Note: close Action 4 (31/07/2015) (DB)

Section 4.1.6 (DS): Added text in section 4.1.6 on encoded with undescribed: validated

Section 4.5.2 (DS): comment DS 6 deleted (it was intended to see if some additional view could be generated.  Given current schedule, not worth the effort).

=>A(DB)=> check table 4-28, include a lengend.

 Section 5 (DS) (yellow topic at the beginning): deleted, points addressed: validated.

Section 5.2 XFDU SIPs (JG), Mime type: discussion, clarifications to be added.

=>A(DS)=> propose an updated version of John's text.

Section 5.2.1 Linkage between descriptor IDs and SIP
Put a reference to annex A?

John's action: mime type + extension -> no necessary to tell more about extension (see the existing section).

=>A(DS)=>propose text for section 5.2.1

Section 7.1  CNES proto (DB), still waiting for internal information for an access through CNES public software.

Section 7.2  SIP Builder (Gael), still waiting for conditions of access and use.


Annex A:   DB will include Annex A in the document (will be reviewed by all).

Titles and TOC of test cases (impact on the figures included in the text): validated with:

Exchange 6.3 and 6.4 (METS at the end)
Complete document

=>A(DB)=> complete existing action:

*Check that all XML elements are in courier new (not sure, particularly in restriction section)
*Rename figures in annexes when necessary.
*All file names associated with figures have to be checked and renames when needed.
*Include all test cases and annexes in the document.

Review of all PAIS actions

Review of remaining actions:

=>A(DB)=> check that the SIP Builder configuration file is included in the test cases delivered with CNES proto.
Pay attention to (should be closed): add a sentence at the beginning of each test case explaining that data have been modified and cut (don't correspond to the original ones)

To be checked by all :
2015-03-27      18      DAI PAIS        check the subjects sent the 25th March by Daniele "list of important points to be detailed


Some remaining details. Next telecon is dedicated to the validation of these details + overview of complete document.
Next step: internal WG review.

21st August meeting minutes

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