[Moims-dai] Minutes of joint meeting CCSDS/LTDP for discussion on terminology

Boucon Daniele Daniele.Boucon at cnes.fr
Wed Oct 8 18:25:31 UTC 2014

22nd September 2014

Meeting between LTDP and CCSDS WGs

Subject: long term data preservation terminology

*       Objective: reach agreements on main terms to be used, with generic definitions
*       Context: Information Curation Process, project standard currently written by CCSDS WG with inputs from LTDP, need for coordination
*       Inputs: word document on proposed terminology, including analysis from CCSDS WG on "Preservation" and "Curation".

Terms discussed: Data Record, Preserved Data Set Content -PDSC, Preservation, Curation, Stewardship, adding value.

1.      Data record and PDSC : defined in LTDP context (Earth Observation)
LTDP view:
     Data set = Data Record + documentation + processing software
     { documentation + processing software } = "associated knowledge"

     "Associated knowledge" is used instead of Representation Information (that is mainly related to the structure of the data -syntactic, semantic-).

     Preserved Data Set Content = { Data Records + documentation + processing software} = { Data sets} = the complete set on information to be preserved for a dedicated Producer-Archive Project.

     Preserved Data Set Content could be defined as a generic term, Data Record seems more specialized to Earth Observation.

2.      Preservation, Curation, Stewardship (incudes adding value)

     See the attached document for proposed definitions.

     Discussion on the need for 3 different terms Preservation, Curation, Stewardship -> 3 different concepts (Preservation included in Curation, included in stewardship).

     Preservation and Curation often used in the same sense in the literature.

     Different opinions during discussion.

3.      Main decisions

*       Keep for the moment the 3 terms Preservation, Curation, Stewardship, then identify the real need according to the writing of the standard.
*       Use generic definitions. Then give details and example (EO) in the associated text.
*       Don't use terms defined in normalized dictionaries with other meanings.

4.      Actions

*       Action CCSDS: update the definitions in the terminology document according to the discussions of the day.
*       Action LTDP: provide answers to the analysis in the discussion part of the document (done in the attached document).


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