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Hi Danièle,

It's ok for me.
See you very soon...

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[Moims-dai] METS session for next week

Hi all,
According a discussion this morning with Stephane Reecht, please find 
below a proposal for steps  to prepare the 2 METS sessions next week :
1st step: The BnF will present the practical test case (type of objects to 
be transferred/archived -e.g data and metadata-, relationships between 
them, size, occurrences, IDs identifiers of these types of object, 
physical organization). The simpler the case is, the better. The objective 
is here to be able to build the MOT.
2nd step: an example of XFDU Manifest, and description of the SIP Model 
could be shown if necessary, in order than BnF understands what is awaited 
from the PAIS.
3rd step: The BnF will present the associated METS manifest, pointing out 
the type of objects with IDs, the element that are similar to those 
present in the SIP model (attached is the SIP model). The objective is to 
make the link between the METS Manifest, and the PAIS elements (using 
parallel with XFDU).
4th step: analyse of what could be done on METS side (or ?extra? code) to 
conform to the PAIS.
At the end of the meeting, we should have the MOT (DB from the BnF 
inputs), and main lines for BnF to start the writing of the test case.
Don?t hesitate to correct or propose other strategy,
Best regards,
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