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You may be interested in the RDA work:

Anyone can join.


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Hi all,

Please find below the main topics that will be discussed this week concerning the ICP, with associated days.

Also attached for tomorrow discussion (all previously sent except the bibliography): The LTDP preservation workflow document, one slide on Stewardship/Curation/Preservation, a draft document on bibliography (to be completed and organized), the ICP proposed terminology.

Reminder for tomorrow connection to web conf: Monday 10th November (open at 11h):       https://webconference.cnes.fr/ccsds-day1/

Topic 1 (Monday 11-12h30): bibliography
*        Input: RASD, RASIM, EOSDIS document, LTDP preservation workflow and other documents, lifecycle ...
*        Expected meeting output: consolidated bibliography, what to extract from it.

Topic 2 (Wed 14-15h30): consolidate the objective
*        Input: Project definition in CCSDS
*        Expected meeting output: more detailed objective

Topic 3(Monday, 14-15h30): terminology
*        Input: document produced by John, minutes of 22nd September meeting, LTDP terminology
*        Expected meeting output: draft generic definition for new terms

Topic 4 (Monday, 14-15h30): LTDP input analysis -> presentation of the sent document by LTDP
*        Input: LTDP preservation workflow
*        Expected meeting output: comments on this document (form, schemas, steps and content of steps)

Topic 5 (Wed 14-15h30, Thurs 14-15h30): ICP structure
*        Input: Result of Topic 4
*        Expected meeting output: main generic steps

Topic 6 (Thurs 14-15h30): building up more cooperation for the ICP
*        Input: J. Faundeen/USGS, ESDIS, LOTAR
*        Expected meeting output: who, how to contact, information to give, ...

Best regards,


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