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Hi all,

Please find below the minutes of last Friday telecon. Don't hesitate to correct or complete these notes!

Next telecon: Friday 9th January.

Participants: St├ęphane Reecht, Bertrand Caron, Jean-Philippe tramoni, St├ęphane Mbaye, Don Sawyer, Mike Martin, Bob Downs, Daniele Boucon

Topics: PREMIS metadata clarification, and PAIS/METS SIP abstract level mapping.

1 Clarification on the content of the PREMIS metadata part in the SIP Manifest.

The SIP contains requirements about the structure: 1 page associated to a master image file, and ocerized text. Some other data are expressed in PREMIS metadata, in particular :
*       Producer ID
*       Channel ID

The Channel is a high level type of information. It refers to SLA (Systel Level Agreement). Type of Digitization of newspaper (example Digital legal case). The Channel applies to a set of documents subjected to the same set of constraints.

Channel is a kind of global information, and could be implemented as a user define attributes in the SIP. We could think of a specific BnF schema including the Channel element and others.

In the PAIS METS Manifest, the Channel ID = Project ID.

There is a need to better define the Archive project.

One newspaper may be associated to 2 different campaigns of digitization: digitizated from paper, or coming from internet. That implies 2 projects with different requirements, one channel per Archive project (each issue has the same channel inside the same project).

=>a Channel is an attribute of the issue (issue type in the MOT).

2 a SIP needs to conform to the Abstract SIP, with a clear mapping between the PAIS SIP and the METS SIP at an Abstract level.

In the SIP: instance of issue of issue type
With instance of archive project: projectXXX, ChannelXXX

Discussion to clarify the link between MOT and SIP:
*the MOT describes the Transfer Objects appearing in the SIP
*the SIP contains Transfer Objects plus SIP Global information
*the SIP has its own structure, and could contain additional archive information.

=>Action BnF: looking at the SIP abstract Model, adapt it to the BnF case and propose a realistic solution (the current one is to complicated with too many levels, 2 levels are enough collection and issue levels).
Fill in the updated EXCEL file sent Wed 10th.

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