[CMC] SIS-DTN: New DTN WG chair candidates

Tomaso.deCola at dlr.de Tomaso.deCola at dlr.de
Fri Feb 3 11:33:07 UTC 2023

Dear CMC colleagues,

as you may probably know, Dr. Keith Scott (current SIS-DTN WG chair) has retired from Mitre, so that the WG chairship is currently vacant. Given the strategic importance of DTN activities in the overall CCSDS ecosystem towards the definition of new space missions, it is of paramount importance to converge to a suitable candidate as soon as possible.
To this end, I invite you all to check within the CCSDS member agencies if there are prominent candidates willing to take over such a role. In this respect, a CV highlighting familiarity with CCSDS and strong experience in DTN will be highly appreciated.
Given the urgency of the matters, I'd be happy if you could provide your feedback within 15 days, i.e. until Saturday 18th of February.

Thank you all in advance,

Tomaso de Cola

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