[CMC] RES: Fall 2022 CMC/CESG Meeting Preparation

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Dear Amber,

In support to Dr. MAURÍCIO FERREIRA, INPE official representative to CMC/CCSDS, I plan to attend remotely the meetings which are announced in the draft Agenda you sent us, as presented
below. Please, let me know if I owe you any additional information for my planned participation, as just mentioned.

Naturally, I would appreciate receiving from you the pertinent instructions on how to have access to the teleconference associated to the CESG-CMC and CMC Agenda you have just sent us.

Thank you.

With my best regards,
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Coordination of Tracking, Control and Reception of Satellites - CORCR
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais - INPE
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations - MCTI
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Assunto: [CMC] Fall 2022 CMC/CESG Meeting Preparation

Dear CMC and CESG Members,

Please review the draft agenda (below) for the CMC meeting 25-27 October 2022. We have the opportunity for additional topics as noted in the agenda. Please inform me of any agenda items you would like to add.

To confirm we have a majority of CMC members present, please inform me of your ability to attend the CMC meetings on 25-27 October.

CMC/CESG Joint Meeting - Tuesday, 25 October 2022


1.                  Call to Order - Welcome, Opening Remarks

S. Asmar


2.                  Introduction of Delegates



3.                  Agenda Review and Approval

S. Asmar


4.                  CESG and Area Reports (100/8 = 12 min each)

1.      CESG Chair Introduction

2.       MOIMS Area

3.       SLS Area

4.       SIS Area

5.       SOIS Area

6.       CSS Area

7.       SEA Area

8.       Summary

K.J. Schulz




CMC Meeting - Wednesday, October 26 2022


5.                  Call to Order - Welcome/Opening remarks

S. Asmar


6.                  Agenda Review and Approval

S. Asmar


7.                  CESG Report on other topics:

1.      Poll statistics since last CMC Meeting and status of activities

2.      Discussion of CESG Topics of interest to CMC Members

K.J. Schulz

CMC Members


8.                  Confirmation of candidate for CSS Deputy Area Director - Holger Dreihahn (ESA)

S. Asmar
CMC Members


9.                  IOAG Liaison Report

S. Asmar


10.              Update on CCSDS and ISO Effort to Develop a New Liaison Agreement

S. Asmar



CMC Meeting - Thursday, 27 October 2022


11.              Call to Order - Welcome/Opening Remarks

S. Asmar


12.              Agenda Review and Approval

S. Asmar


13.              Meeting Planning

1.      Spring 2023 Tech Plenary & CESG (NASA-MSFC)

2.      Spring 2023 CMC (JAXA)

3.      Fall 2023 Tech Plenary & CESG & CMC (ESA)

4.      Spring 2024 Tech Plenary & CESG (NASA)

5.      Spring 2024 CMC (INPE)

S. Teodomante

S. Asmar

T. Shigeta

N. Bobrinsky

S. Asmar


14.              Demonstration of Service Sites and Apertures Registry features currently in Beta

T. Pham


15.              Secretariat Report

1.      Action Items Status (only open items)

2.      Document Status Report

3.      IT Project Status

A. Massaquoi

T. Gannett

B. Oliver


16.              Schedule for Next CMC Mid-term Telecon



17.              CMC Review of Resolutions and Action Items




Thank you.


Amber Massaquoi

CCSDS Secretariat

amassaquoi at asrcfederal.com<mailto:amassaquoi at asrcfederal.com>

7000 Muirkirk Meadows Drive, Beltsville, MD 20705

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