[CMC] Fall 2022 Technical and Management Meetings in Toulouse, France | Update

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Please note the CCSDS Fall 2022 CMC, CESG & ISO Meetings will take place 2022-10-25 - 2022-10-27.
The website has been updated at:

We are currently assembling logistic information and are preparing it for the CCSDS Public website.


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Subject: Fall 2022 Technical and Management Meetings in Toulouse, France | Update

Dear CMC and CESG,

After polling the CMC, the Secretariat has determined that there is enough Member Agency support to proceed with in-person meetings for the Fall 2022 Technical and Management meetings in Toulouse, France, hosted by CNES.

  *   CCSDS Fall 2022 Technical Meetings | 2022-10-17 - 2022-10-21
  *   CCSDS Fall 2022 CESG Meeting | 2022-10-24
  *   CCSDS Fall 2022 CMC, CESG & ISO Meetings | 2022-10-25 - 2022-10-27

The Secretariat will be working with CNES to provide meeting registration support and logistical information.  That information will be distributed over the next several weeks.  Also, the Secretariat will be working with the CESG to establish a meeting schedule for the Technical Meetings.

In the meantime, we encourage you to inform potential meeting attendees about the in-person meetings.


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