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Dear Yonghui,
Thank you so much for your input and the nomination of Mr. Xiongwen He.  We appreciate it and will proceed with the protocol towards a final selection.

Best regards from Southern California,

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Dear CMC members,

CNSA nominates Mr. Xiongwen He, CCSDS SOIS Deputy Area Director, for the position of CESG Deputy Chair for the following reasons.
1)From the aspect of experiences in CCSDS matters,he has been doing research on CCSDS for over 16 years, developed a service and protocol architecture integrating a lot of CCSDS ,ECSS and IETF standards, developed a lot of corresponding CCSDS compatible products such as space router, on board switcher, on board computer, space network semi-physical simulation and verification platform, software architecture and protocol components, which have been used in a lot of Chinese spacecrafts. Thus, he is not only very familiar with CCSDS SOIS, SLS,SIS, SE areas and ECSS standards, but also very good at using and implementing CCSDS recommendations in remote sensing satellites, manned spacecrafts, navigation constellation, etc. With the rich experiences in both CCSDS areas and different spacecraft domains, he could play a bigger role in the future development of CCSDS if he had the opportunity to serve as CCSDS CESG Deputy Chair.
2)From the aspect of leadership,he not only has the experiences of leading more than 10 research projects related to CCSDS,but also serves as CCSDS SOIS DAD and department deputy director for more than 4 years, which made him highly qualified to fulfil the responsibilities of the CESG Deputy Chair.
3)From the aspect of resources to be provided to CCSDS, he is from China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) , the largest spacecraft manufacturer of China, which has developed more than 300 spacecrafts and is currently in charge of designing Chinese manned lunar exploration program and Chinese space station. Serving as CAST Chief Representative of CCSDS and deputy director of Department of Manned Lunar Exploration System Engineering,Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering (ISSE), CAST , he can be of great help to provide more resources to CCSDS by CAST, and promote cooperation between CCSDS agencies and CAST in manned lunar exploration, Chinese space station and so on.

Attached is the biographical information on Xiongwen He for the delegates’ consideration.
Best Wishes,

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