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Mon Mar 1 06:17:40 UTC 2021

Dear Shigeta-san,

It is becoming increasingly obvious that international travel is not advisable for any of us prior to the middle or late Summer, at the earliest, expect for very matters.  

So, I assume we will soon be concluding that the Spring meeting is likely to be virtual.

More soon

On 2/28/21, 9:36 PM, "CMC on behalf of 繁田 勉" <cmc-bounces at mailman.ccsds.org on behalf of shigeta.tsutomu at jaxa.jp> wrote:

    Dear Michael-san,

    We have responded to your email regarding the spring CCSDS technical meeting, while we are sending this message for the spring CCSDS Management meeting(CMC). 

    The Japanese government has placed restrictions on entry into Japan from overseas, which are not expected to be lifted as of May. Considering the fact that we are currently unable to arrange for countries that require visas to enter Japan, it is not realistic, as of today, for JAXA to host the face-to-face CMC meeting. 

    Therefore, very regrettably, we propose that the CMC meeting with Japan as host be virtual in line with the results regarding the US-hosted technical meeting. 

    Your cooperation and CMC members' understanding would be appreciated.

    Best regards...Shigeta

Dear Michael-san,

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family for the situation you are experiencing. I hope this mail finds you well.

Concerning an inquiry about possibility of JAXA participation in the US technical meeting in person, unfortunately the Japanese government has issued a travel advisory of “Avoid All Travel” to the U. S., making it impractical for JAXA to participate in person.

This response is very regrettable for us but your understanding would be appreciated.

Best regards...Shigeta

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    Dear CMC Members,

    First of all, please accept my apologies if I have been less responsive of late to your messages. I have been managing a family emergency that has divided my attention.

    NASA had originally requested a final decision on hosting the spring CCSDS meeting by the end of January, but given the uncertain outlook in January, agreed to extend this date to the beginning of March. With how vaccination programs have progressed, I believe there is enough data to come to a decision at this time. I would ask each CMC member to consider this question and reply with your answer:

                   Would attendees from your agency be allowed to attend spring CCSDS meetings as they are now scheduled 10-14 May 2021?

    Speaking only for myself and not for NASA, I will not be allowed to travel for business until 1 June 2021 at the earliest and would consequently be unable to attend any meetings.

    Best regards,

    Michael Blackwood
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