[CMC] SLS-DC WG Chair nomination // Soliting candidates

Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int
Sat Jun 12 08:54:21 UTC 2021

Dear CMC members, 
        I kindly asked to provide candidates by Friday 11 June 2021. 
As of today I have received no nomination.

Therefore, I kindly ask you to consider again providing candidates 
possibly at the joint CMC/CESG Meeting planned for Tuesday 15 June.

I also kindly request Michael Blackwood to include a dedicated Agenda item 
for the CMC/CESG Meeting and CESG Chair to include this issue in his "CESG 
Report on other topics" )agenda item #7).

Note that presently Deputy chair Mark Wong (NASA/GSFC) is taking on WG 
chair duties until the official appointment of a new chair.

Best regards, 

Gian Paolo Calzolari
SLS Area Director

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Date:   29-05-21 12:11
Subject:        SLS-DC WG Chair nomination

Dear CMC members, 
        after several years of service as SLS-DC WG Chair, Aaron Kiely is 
stepping down from his role in the Data Compression Working Group. 

In accordance with the CCSDS Organization and Processes, CCSDS A02.1-Y-4, 
Sec, in my function of SLS Area Director, I kindly ask the CCSDS 
member agencies for candidates for the position of SLS-DC WG Chair.

Suitable candidates should have familiarity with the topic, processes, and 
Please provide me with your candidate, if any, by Friday 11 June 2021. 

Let me also take this opportunity to thank Aaron Kiely for his outstanding 
contribution to the SLS Data Compression WG. 

Best regards, 

Gian Paolo Calzolari
SLS Area Director

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